Some Chemicals Associated With Contact Dermatitis - Toxic Beauty

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Some Chemicals Associated With Contact Dermatitis - Toxic Beauty


Acetic Acid Acrylates Alkyiphenols Aluminmum compounds
Aminophenols Ammonium thioglycolate Benzaldehyde Benzoyl peroxide
Benzyl alcohol Bronopol Butane Butylated hydroxyanisole
Butylated hydroxytolune Butylene glycol Chlorhexidine Chloroxylenol
Cinnamal Cinnamyl alcohol Citral  Citronellol 
Cocamide DEA Cocamide MEA  Cocamidopropyl betaine  Diazolidinyl urea 
Diathanolamine (DEA)  DMDM hydantoin  Ethanolamine  Eugenol 
Formaldehyde Geraniol Hexyl cinnamal Hexylene glycol
Hydroquinone Hydroxycitronellal  Imidazolidinyl urea  Isobutane 
Isoeugenol Kathon CG Lanolin Limonene
Linalool Methylparaben Mineral Oil PEG compounds
p-phenylenediamine Propane Propylene glycol Sodium hydroxide
Sodium lauryl sulphate Sulisobenzone  Thimerosol  Thioglycolic acid 
Toluene Triclosan Xylene  

Reference: Toxic Beauty: Dawn Fellowship

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