Mica Powders - How To Use

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Mica Powders - How To Use - What Is Mica Powder and 15 Ways to Use It

Mica powders are so fun to use when making homemade soaps and a plethora of other DIY natural home goods and gifts. The powders come in a vast array of colors, offering nearly endless options when creating one-of-a-kind products.

Mica is derived from a natural stone mineral that boasts shiny flakes. Once the mica stone is ground into a powder, mica powder is created. The powder is basically a soft type of fine glitter that has a coloring or dying effect when it comes into contact with a myriad of different surfaces and materials.

The off white, gray, yellow, or slightly brown mica powders stem from muscovite – a metamorphic rock that contains potassium aluminum silicate. Mica powders routinely used to dye soap are often colored with ultramarines, titanium dioxide, and other oxides to create bright pigments.

Both natural white mica powder and colored mica powder cast a pearly, shimmery, sparkly, and metallic effect when used to decorate or dye a project.

Mica powders can be used in nearly any project that will accept dye or paint, things such as:

To use mica powders as a natural paint, simply dampen a paint brush, and then dip it into the desired mica powder color. Always wash the brush before switching colors unless you want to blend the shades together.

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