Skin Care - Cosmetics Unmasked

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Skin Care - Cosmetics Unmasked

Tail of a newt and cockerel's eye - Placenta extract and azo dye - Hubble bubble toil and boil - Pro-vitamins and tea-tree oil - Away fine lines with magic potion.

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on products that promise to keep your skin looking young and healthy. For many people, it has become a normal part of the daily cleansing routine and the idea of using these cosmetics is so ingrained they do not even think about whether they need to or not.

Do these products work? are they really necessary? And what can they do for you? This chapter start by examining the structure of skin, skin types, and color, and why fine lines and wrinkles develop with age.


It goes on to look at skin-care preparations such as moisturizing creams, exfoliating products (the so-called alpha-hydroxy acid skin peelers or AHAs), astringents, hair-removal creams, and methods of removing unwanted body hair. Since this is such a vast subject, there is much more about skin care  in a later chapters, example: Sun and Skin, Salons and Surgeons.

Reference: Cosmetics Unmasked: Dr Stephen  & Gina Antczak



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