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Antimicrobials are chemicals that control the growth of microbes on the body. They are used in shampoos, toothpaste, mouthwash, antiseptic lotions, and deodorants, and are added to other cosmetics and toiletries where they may also act as preservatives. body odour is caused by bacteria. Washing removes the odour but bacteria are sticky creatures and many survive this ordeal by hiding in microscopic cracks and crevasses in our skin. They feed on our body secretions and soon multiply, replenishing their numbers and bringing their characteristic odour with them. Antimicrobials either actively kill the bacteria, or reduce their ability to reproduce. 

By this very nature antimicrobials are potent chemicals that affect living cells an an adverse way. For this reason many of them are regulated in the EU. Be particularly careful when using aerosol deodorants. The layer of dead cells in your respiratory tract and lungs can suffer severe damage if you regularly inhale them.

Reference: Cosmetics Unmasked: Dr Stephen & Gina Antczak